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Exploring Med-Ed Ecosystem Synergies & Challenges

#k12 #ecosys #edreform #hcsm #hcr #healthcare


ECOSYS is working to unpack social ecosystem challenges and barriers. What's happening that works against our target outcomes? Commonalities might shed some light, so our current focus for March-April 2012 is comparing Healthcare & K12 Education. 


Note: we began K12 Objectives & Definitions in our R1 (Social Contract) Purpose of Education segment (pardon the mess, this is a work in progress !!)


CHAT OUTLINE for 3/25-4/15 9p EDT.


  • Q1 What are similarities between Healthcare and K12 Education? Do patients & students share hurdles?
    • Money goes into salaries, not service
    • Both are silo'd bureaucracies; practitioners in both must embrace change more quickly
    • K12 can benefit from "instructional rounds" used in HC 
    • Neither HC or K12 are sufficiently creative 
    • ACSD12 and UVa conversations re: HC & K12 (links to follow) 
    • HC medicates when broken; K12 obsessed with remediation 
  • Q2 What about issues of Choice across HCR & K12?
    • Generally choice is highly limited, especially for Rural K12 
    • In K12, 'private' choice carries high price tag and for most equates to "no choice"
    • K12 more supervised than HC, though HC can carry higher (near-term) stakes 
  • Q3 How does the Political Dynamic play out in HCR & K12?
    • HC & K12 perceived as human needs, but allocated based on wealth
    • HC & ED both work to maintain order
    • Generally, politicians "talk the good talk" w/ no direct benefit/effect/action .. say what they need to say to get elected 
  • Q4 What can we learn re: Performance Measurement gaps across HCR & K12?
    • HC docs viewed as advanced professionals, teachers less so
    • Years of education factors into levels of trust, pay .. HC > EDU 
    • ED increasingly obsessed w/ measurement, HC not
    • ED reliance on test scores is faulty 
  • Q5 How does money motivate in HCR & ED? Are incentive controls alike, or diff?
    • CN HC free, basic, but wealthy get what they need; is this direction for US EDU? What can be done to avoid this?
    • Obamacare a 1st step toward HC as a right (much work to do) 
    • Money not flowing to right places? (begs Q:) Where is it flowing? 

  NEW Breakouts at 4/22 & 4/29 

  • Q5a Economic Impact due to Fin Crisis & Cuts at State/County level
  • Q5b Market Forces (Textbook Co's)
  • Q5c Change from MFG to SVC Model; means to move away from Factory Model of ED? tee up for 4/30 !?
  • Q5d FINANCIAL COMPARISON - launched 4/29 p.m. - stand by for categories & prelim data


IDEAS FROM 4/15 (CJ): Excited about the depth/breadth of topics we surfaced tonight, as expansion on points raised; let's pull from these IDEAS for upcoming #MEDED topics; stay tuned for updates:


01 Q3/A3: Socialization vs. "Rights" re: US ED & > US MED; w/ CN differences?

02 Q3/A3: Capitalism vs. Democracy impacts (free market, free elections .. ) 

03 Q3/A3: CN ED aligning w/ US ED w/ right-wing candidates?

04 Q3/A3: Decentralization, closer to problems; Role of FEDS vs. CN (Province) / US (State)

05 Q4/A4: Measuring wrong things in ED > Assessment topic?

06 Q5/A5: Text Book & Drug Co's for-profit, due to economics (capital intensive, slow to change)

07 Q5/A5: Money not flowing where needed > See Q5d FINANCIAL COMPARISON Above

08 A5: CN MED: Free, Basic, Rich get what they need; similar to US ED?

09 More CN Case Studies

10 More on Economics & Human Rights (PDF-can someone do a synopsis?) 

11 US higher highs, lower lows; why not in CN?

IDEAS FROM ASYNC (aggregated by CJ):

 12 Q5: What if gov't invested in teachers & students as much as they did in "standardized malpractice"? @drtimony


Link to Transcript for 4/15

Please RT and/or Favorite additional tweets for anything we missed.


What is Ecosys?

It's a conversation about change in our social ecosystems, currently focused on K12 Education.  Here's more on our framing and our wiki frontpage brightspots topics and our challenges frame.


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