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T10 Activism

Page history last edited by Jenna Ream 13 years, 2 months ago


With the passage of the Parent Trigger law in California last year, activism in education has reached new heights.  Many are critical and feel schools in the US are not producing satisfactory results; however, in the quest to reform education it is clear there are more groups involved than the traditional stakeholders.  How did this happen? Do we attribute this solely to the ever burgeoning size of school budgets?  What are the motivations of educational activists?


Q1.  Who are the different groups involved in today's reform movements?

Q2.  What are the motivations for the different groups for educational reform?

Q3.  What is the present state of activism in educational reform?

Q4.  What might be consequences of activist groups as education reform movement plays out?


Suggested Readings on Activism in Education:


Center for Reinventing Public Education

In the Trenches: Community Activism Plays a Starring Role in Education Reform

Trigger Trouble (LA Times editorial)

Bill Gates Seeks Better Formula for Teachers



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