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T2 Standards

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What is #EcoSYS?

It's an ongoing conversation on the dynamics of social ecosystems, now focused on K12 Education.more return to front page


T2 Framing:

Development of National Standards is now in progress to establish the criteria that students must meet at each stage of their academic journey. There is debate whether standards represent progress, or whether this gets in the way of equitable, free, K12 public education.  Do National Standards advance Education or hinder it?



T2 Questions to Consider.

Here are some questions on Standards for further consideration.



Takeaways taken from live #ecosys chats.


Points For:

A1a. "Standards focus on the 'what', allows teachers to focus on the 'how' (as it should be, imo)"

A1b. "Good or bad, standards make me a better teacher; have to figure out how to help kids access them"

A1c. "Standards provide a framework that allows for flexibility and innovation"

A1d. "National, interstate PD and PLN benefits may be huge wins"


Concerns Raised:

A1e. "Age/grade differential doesn't necessarily reflect what's best for individual students"

A1f. "Many states will be playing catch up, could negatively impact students in process."





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