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Bright Spots Sandbox

Page history last edited by Jenna Ream 9 years, 5 months ago

capturing the live conversation:


from WEDS 9/29 9pET


Tweets from the chat:

@samaweaver: @readtoday Are all 4 - 8 year olds ready to work together? No 1 sol'n
will fit all kids in a classroom, school, state or country
samaweaver: @readtoday teams...The key is don't replace current model - but give students real
learning environment choices so more can thrive.
readtoday: @samaweaver In business we do competitive analysis. We analyze the strongest
samaweaver: @readtoday Business do MORE than competitive analysis, - Also, not sure we want to use
wall street as the epitome of best practice.
RT @JasonFlom Great #ecosys topic for another day RT @ToughLoveforX "curriculum
as a necessary, but not sufficient, condition for success"
JasonFlom: @ToughLoveforX Curricula built around concepts provides equal access to long term
learning for all students.

rosamariatorres: Education & learning are highly context-dependant

JasonFlom: "Meta-analysis of Parenting & School Success: The Role of Parents in...Students'

Academics" RT @drtimony: http://bit.ly/bGgEdM

rosamariatorres: Right. There's no "what works" in general RT @jennar Notion that there is a 'right' or

'wrong' or 'best' way is context dependent

jennar: RT @drtimony: by attaching what are effectively sanctions to struggling schools, we are

replicating the problems of Nation at Risk and Goals 2000












Links for followup:

from @ToughLoveforX: "Tenure’s Tenure http://ilnk.me/4962 @tomwhitby ] Most

thoughtful thing I've seen on "Tenure"so far.

ToughLoveforX: @graingered to your point about diversity in #ecosys. In case you haven't seen this

yet. http://ilnk.me/495d

ToughLoveforX: "Uncritical fluff pieces on Canada and the HCZ model . . , " http://ilnk.me/497b

ToughLoveforX: "Welcome to the new field of neurodiversity." http://ilnk.me/495d







Top few take-aways (cross-posted to main Thought Leadership main page)



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