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One way that Ecosys seeks to better define the problems in complex social ecosystems like education is to ensure we're working from the same definitions.  


The following have been created and vetted by our members, to define what we mean when we use these terms:


Best Practice: "the process, methodology, and (focused? intentional?) (quantitative and qualitative) evaluation of activities intended to elicit maximum (optimal? desired?) outcomes within a specific (problem?) context (, which have been proven to work on a sufficiently broad scale to warrant adoption by others.)" - 9/22 David, Chris


Bright Spot (in K12 Education context): "(1) learning situation where kids succeed bsed on clearly defined preconditions and measured objectives; (2) consistent achievement of a best practice" - 9/22 Bill, David 





Background reading:

Semantic Clarity: When Ambiguity is the Enemy by @sourcepov


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