P5 Workforce Focus (Job Creation)


P5 Workforce Focus (Job Creation)


Framing of this issue:

Some States have begun to link Economic Development efforts to Education efforts, thereby bringing more focus to the 21st Century skill set needs of Employers. Does this effort have sufficient focus, priority and momentum?


Problem Dimensions (ecosystem domain & boundaries):

How does this positive energy need to work back through K12 as "feeder system"?

How does this impact "P9 Curriculum Reform"?

Is enough being done to set objectives and communicate best practices?

Are all stakeholders actively engaged? How does this vary by State? by Industry? by Job Classification?

What data can we review to drive this analysis?


Who Has the Problem (supervising jurisdictions & implementation focus):

Federal Recovery Teams (ARRA)

State Governors

State Departments of Commerce

State Departments of Education  


A. Problem Statement:


B. Process Description (if applicable):


C. Actors & Behaviors (desired, undesired):


D. Process Model (picture(s) & flow(s) as needed):


E. Process Rules:


F. Outcomes (desired, undesired):


G. External Context: 


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