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P4 Resource Availability and Funding Models

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P4 Resource Availability and Funding Models


Framing of this issue:

Traditional funding model is to "allocate slices of the pie". What are alternative funding models to consider.


Problem Dimensions (ecosystem domain & boundaries):

Look at Charter Schools as an alternative model

Look at State Funding sources to determine alternatives (see also, "P2 Compensation").

Look at private investor models on a broader scale.

Look at Federal government role.

What data can we review to drive this analysis?


Who Has the Problem (supervising jurisdictions & implementation focus):

State Departments of Education  


A. Problem Statement:



B. Process Description (if applicable):



C. Actors & Behaviors (desired, undesired):

  • Federal Government (role TBD)
  • State Legislators (determine funding sources, eg., tax base; lottery)
  • Administration (allocate from available funds)
  • Taxpayers (ultimate funding source)


D. Process Model (picture(s) & flow(s) as needed):

  • diagrams of flow that may be relevant to understanding or solutions for this issue? 


E. Process Rules:

  • what are constraints, actual or implied? 


F. Outcomes (desired, undesired):

  • Are there stakeholders seeking to "change the game" in terms of available infrastructure, i.e., not willing to accept the 'status quo' of the existing model?


G. External Context: 


Other sources or references relative to this topic




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