Document Repository

These are documents created by the ECOSYS team since 2009 to frame the project, and get everyone working from the same page. There is a general desire now to minimize process discussions, but we'll pull these pictures and supporting details back out when/if needed.


Key ECOSYS Documents and Framing Posts


Document Version Original Blog Framing Notes
EcoSys Process Model 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 Framework for EcoSystem Change: Process Models for  [1] Current State  [2] Evolution Original process flows for an Adaptive Learning mechanism ("Ecosys") that is designed to generate balanced, diverse external inputs to complex, dysfunctional social ecosystem. A key aspect of this solution is that it is NOT overly influenced by the prevailing solution paradigms of the incumbent system.  We believe that Ecosys is a CAS (or "Complex Adaptive System").
    Six Steps to Unlock Social Innovation  6 Steps.  Process model for flow of new process. Introduced repeating loops in exploration (discovery) phase and single exploitation (solution) phase. Reflects CAS explore/exploit decision process. 
    Problem Solving for Ecosystems w/ EcoDNA EcoDNA. Alternate visual, more intuitive rendition of our process.
EcoSys Framing (PDF format). 1.0 Unraveling Complexity (The Missing Link): A new approach for solving problems in Social Ecosystems Framing for EcoSys in PDF format (for printing).
Issues Summary  1.3a 11/15/09  Ecosys Homework: How to Frame Our Problem Inventory (Oct) Summary of issues work we've done to date.